Make your lessons more interactive
and efficient with Bulletpoint

This is what effective highlighting looks like:
3 Reasons for Bulletpoint :
Because highlighting text can be more than just colorful
Your students can understand texts and create bullet points while they read. Save valuable teaching time and
create time for class discussion, active learning methods and personal knowledge transfer with your students.
Teaching more in less time
Students often have difficulties in summarizing only the relevant information in text. With Bulletpoint, they think more about what is really relevant and get a better understanding of the text.
Deeper understanding of text
Effective highlighting
A large proportion of students mark the whole text or far too little. With Bulletpoint students learn interactively to choose their highlights in a sensible way, so that only the most important things are highlighted.
How you benefit from Bulletpoint:
You make your lessons more exciting and create more opportunities for interactive learning opportunities
You enable your students to learn interactively
Your students understand meaningful highlighting
Paraphrasing becomes easier for their students as they can work bullet point by bullet point
Pupils can structure their text more easily as they can directly create a kind of writing plan with the bullet points
Save time in class